Survival Supplies

Have you thought about preparing your Family Survival Supplies?

Survival Supplies

Have you thought about preparing your Family Survival Supplies?

By: AlanD

There are many possible threats to your family from natural disasters (Tornado, wind, ice snow, hurricane, flood etc…) to man made (Chemical spill, pandemics, terrorism etc…) and even economic disaster is not out of the realm of possibility. There are ways you can start to prepare now to protect your family by gathering survival supplies, survival foods and other survival items.

Survival supplies should be gathered to sustain your family for 72 hours minimum. You need to carefully consider the threats for your area and stock up accordingly. There are many items such as personal hygiene, medications, water and food that should be included. Here are two important tips I learned the hard way when our power went out I did not think to store feminine hygiene products and that made the wife upset which added to my attitude and I also forgot about the pet food and we ran out. Guess what happens when the power goes out? The stores all close so you cannot just run out and buy some. These are two very important survival items that should be on your list. Think about what you use every day and begin to gather these supplies. Take a couple of items out of a new box or package and put them with your survival supply kit. This allows you to slowly start building your kit without buying a bunch of additional survival items all at once.

Be mindful of the survival foods that you are gathering to make sure that they are stored properly. Canned goods have a shelf life of one year so you should work out a rotation plan or check them every six months and donate what you need to replace for a tax credit. Other foods have a variety of shelf life’s so be sure to set up a system to rotate. When I buy a new can of coffee it goes to the basement and the one there comes upstairs ensuring that I always have a good can available if needed. This can be done with other foods as well. Make sure that your survival food storage is out of the sunlight and in properly sealed containers. You do not want to get that bag of flour only to find that bugs have gotten into it. By taking these steps I have been able to build up on my survival products over time and ensure that they are fresh and useable when they are needed.

There is a lot of information available from multiple sources on the web. I hope that this article has at least started you to think about these survival preparations if you have not already begun. I cannot list all of the tips and survival essentials that I use in this article however I have created a web page with much more information about gathering survival supplies, survival foods and other survival items.

About the Author

With all of the severe weather events seemingly on the increase I have been stocking some canned goods for an emergency. Last year when the wind storm from the hurricane came through my house was without power for two weeks. After this I began looking for ways to better prepare for my family and found a lot of good advice and products. You may find more information on my web page Family Survival Essentials or read one of my other articles on this subject Survival Essentials to Help Get Off the Grid.

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