Survival Planning

Survival Planning

Survival Planning and Preparation

Good emergency preparation takes time and thought. This is a good place to start. Lists of survival gear, and “do-it’yourself” survival first aid kitsSurvival Tree. There are different factors that influence the approach each of us takes to be prepared for an unexpected disaster. Some of them include: budget, local climate, and type of surroundings you live in (urban, suburban or rural). Do you have a pet? Children or seniors to care for? Are you in an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or tsunami zone?

Some of you live paycheck to paycheck, while others have resources and savings. This is going to be a factor in how you carry out your personal preparedness planning. If finances are not a concern, you can put together your own disaster preparedness list and do the needed shopping and organizing in one weekend. If finances are a concern, this process could take several months, or more. You might need to buy a couple extra items each time you go shopping. Step by step purchase and organization of your personal Survival Supplies.

Take into consideration your location, and the places you travel for business or pleasure. Look at severe weather in your area. Are you living in a desert with some temperatures at or above 100 degrees? Are you in an earthquake zone, where you need your survival kit to be customized for earthquake survival? For earthquake zones you will want to include additional items like dust masks. Are you in a highly populated region, or far from any population center? If you are out in the boonies, you will need a way to contact other people. Knowing your neighbors and getting involved in your community is another aspect of being prepared to survive emergencies.

For those with children and seniors, there are items such as diapers for babies and prescription medications for seniors that become vital to stock up on. If you do a lot of traveling by car, then buy an Emergency Car Kit or put together your own Car Survival Kit . Keep a 72 Hour Kit at your office too. The more of us that are prepared, the better off everyone will be.

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