72 Hour Kits

72 Hour Survival Kits

72 Hour Survival Kits

Make Your Own 72 Hour Survival Kits Fast

This list is minimal. A good place to start. It’s made to help you start thinking about what your needs would be if you are surprised by disaster. Some people suggest having three 72 hour survival kits: one for work, one for home and one for your car.

Per Person

Water – 9 gallons or 3 gallons a day per person

Water purification tablets

2 large containers for holding and purifying water

72 Hour Kits

72 hours of food minimum:

Trail Mix

Dried Fruits

Granola / Granola Bars

Canned fruits, veggies, soups, and drinks

Peanut Butter


Instant Coffee

Tea Bags

Powdered Milk

Can Opener

Paper Plates and cups

Plastic utensils

Napkins or Paper towels

Ziploc Bags

First aid kit



Toothbrush and toothpaste

Comb or hairbrush


Baby wipes (for bathing, when needed)

Tampons (for females)

Emergency phone numbers and addresses

Important files all in one place (so they are ready to take, if needed)

Cash ($100-200 at the very least)

Sleeping bag, blankets, pillow

Flashlight and batteries

Battery operated radio


Deck of cards

Utility knife


Large trash bags


Spare underwear

Pencil, pen and pad

Other things to think about:

Baby formula and diapers (if needed)

Glasses and sunglasses

Coat or Jacket


Spare batteries

Pet supplies (if needed)

Work gloves and plastic gloves

Folding shovel

Camping toilet

Dust mask


Small camp stove

It’s a good idea to always keep some gas in your car.

There are some good companies who have already done a lot of the work for you. You will find some of them here:

72 Hour Kits

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  7. That is an excellent starter list…just need to customize it to your individual needs. The gas in car thing is right on, I try to always keep at least half a tank.Good post!

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