Survival Guide for Pets

Survial Guide for Pets

Disaster Preparedness for the Furred and Feathered

By: C.L. Hendricks

Disaster preparedness for pets is a must for any pet owner who is concerned about the survival of their family during and after a disaster.  They need to remember the one member of the family that is the most helpless: the family pet.  Just as we would make special preparations for an infant, who is helpless and unable to communicate, we must do the same for those furred and feathered babies entrusted to our care.

One of the things recommended for survival preparedness is the disaster preparedness kit or 72-hour survival kit, often called a “bug out bag” or “go bag”.  Following that example, there are now disaster preparedness kits for pets that provide food, water, shelter and first aid.

These come in different sizes, and are often designed especially for either dogs or cats.  These are excellent kits to have in the closet or garage ready to pick up and toss in the car in the event of an evacuation ahead of a storm or other disaster.

Here’s a brief list of items commonly included in these pet disaster survival kits so that you can actually create your own pet go bag out of items you may already have or can pick up at your local discount or dollar store.

Pet Disaster Survival Kit Ingredients:

2   Food
12 Water
2   Blanket
2   Lightsticks
2   Bowls
1   50’ Rope
1   Collar
1   Leash
6   Poop bags
3   Chew sticks
1   Can Opener
1   First Aid Kit
1   Pet’s Individual Information
1   3-gal plastic bucket with lid

These kits can range in price from $40 to $80 dollars.  These are ready to go and convenient. However, if you have the time, you can also create your own pet disaster kit geared specifically towards your own particular pet.

When I decided to create a disaster survival kit for my dog, I decided to use one of those black diaper bags provided by baby formula companies and given to new mothers by hospitals. I had several that I had picked up at garage sales for about a buck each.

I then headed to the dollar store with a list of the items I wanted to include in my dog’s go bag.  There, for under $10 I purchased:

Packets of moist dog food
3 1-litre bottles of water
Flashlight & batteries
Chew sticks
Can Opener
First Aid Kit

From home, I added:

Poop bags (folded plastic shopping bags, vacuum seal in a vac bag)

Since I have a small dog, I substituted two old towels for the two blankets.

For less than $20 all together I created a complete disaster survival kit for my dog.  All it took was a little time and a little money.  However, if you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, go ahead and purchase one of those ready-made pet disaster survival kits.  The most important thing is not the money but that you do what is necessary to ensure the safety of your pet.

By the way, while you’re preparing for your pets survival, don’t forget to create your own survival kit.

About the Author

C.L. Hendricks is a “jill-of-all-trades” and an expert in some. She writes on a variety of subjects for several websites, including InvitingSmiles and Survival Homestead, to name a few.

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