Storing Survival Food For Emergencies

Storing Survival Food For Emergencies

by Sienna Langspot

If you are like many people, you do not think of emergency food storage for emergencies and disasters. But with a little planning today, you will be prepared for a disaster tomorrow.  It is better to have survival supplies and not need them than to need them and not have them.

Many people do not plan for such an event because they think it will not happen in their area. And even if a disaster strikes, they believe that the problem will take care of itself and that they will be able to find resources available somewhere. They think that the groceries stores will be open or fast food restaurants will still be serving food.

Storing Survival Food

But there have been many disasters over the years that have shut down all the food resources for a period of time so it is best to plan for the worst and hope for the best. You can start by finding a place in your home to store food that you would use in an emergency such as an area in your basement. The basement is a good place to store food because it is usually the coolest place in your home.

If you do not have shelves in your basement, build some or have some installed. Do not trust putting food on the floor or ground. You will have an insect infestation.

Now do not make the mistake that many well meaning people make. A lot of people will go out and buy one month of food and store it in their basement. After one year, they will throw it out because it has spoiled or expired. This is a waste of money and good food. You do not want to waste money on your survival plan.

There is no reason to let good food go bad. You therefore should rotate your food supply. Use what you store before it expires or spoils. Then as you use it, replace it. You can buy food from membership discount stores in bulk. The containers the food comes in are easy to store. Those containers are great for storing other food. Do not use containers to store food that once held chemicals like paint. Instead you can use empty coffee cans or other containers that held food.

The containers you buy at membership discount stores are great because they were made to stack on shelves. Look for food with high nutritional value as well.

Consider having a food survival kit in your car. You might have to leave your home because of an evacuation order. You will not have time in many cases to take food from your storage and place it in your car. Plus, you do not want your food in your car because it will spoil quickly.

There are many easy to prepare meals that are sold at camping stores. These instant meals are used by back packers when they are in the woods and will stay in your trunk for a period of time. Remember to use those meals as well before the expire. With a little preparation now, you will be ready for a disaster in your area.

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  2. Great article but a little to complex for the average Joe like me.

    I have been researching food storage for about 18 months and really do not want to make it a full time job of always seeking out new ways and never being sure of what I have.

    The ideal for me is a company that provides really good, nutritious and affordable foods that are convenient for everyday use and that can be stored, as a reserve, for future use. Also number 10 cans are great but two meals per pack are better particularly if kids are involved and you want to be able to use the food on a daily bases.

    Also a company that makes it easy to order automatically on monthly bases so I can quickly build my supply. Also I can budget and know that I can afford the food. My family is 10 people and I would also like to have some to share with my friends and community.

    I have found a new company called eFoods Global. They offer 6 free meals so you can try the food before you buy.
    They sent me 6 meals, I paid the S/H.
    The meals tasted great and the labels told me they are nutritious.
    I think that everyone who has said to themselves, I really had to store food for emergency because I do not want to e at the mercy of the state or federal government, should look into eFoods. If you are the type of person who never gets around to preparing this is a company that can help you fill your needs.

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