Car Survival Kit List

Car Survival Kit List

Car Survival Kit List


Vehicle Emergency Kits for Roadside Emergency Preparedness

This list can help in making your Earthquake Survival Kits for both, home and auto too. Some of the important items for earthquake preparedness are: dust masks, folding shovel and other gear related to digging out, first aid articles and items that will assist you in making a shelter, if needed. Consider that you might not be able to occupy your home after a bad earthquake hits.

Car Survival Kit List


First Aid Kit
Sleeping Bag, Bedroll or Blankets
Foam Pads
Flashlight (spare batteries and bulb)
3 Light sticks (12 hour)
Mosquito Netting
Plastic Sheeting
Tube Tent
Waterproof Matches
Five Gallon Pail with Lid

Tools and Supplies

Emergency Food Supplies
Multi-Purpose Tool with knife, pliers, screwdrivers
Swiss Army Knife
Folding Shovel
Needles and Thread
100′ Nylon Rope
Roll of Duct Tape
100′ Twine/String
Vise Grips


Complete change of clothing (consider change of seasons)
Current prescription glasses
Underwear, 2 sets
Gas Mask
Dust Masks
Rain Coat
Boots and Socks
Heavy Duty Work Gloves

Communication Items

Radio (solar, hand cranked or battery powered; if battery, include extra batteries)
$200 in cash and change
Compass of good quality
Pencil, Pen
Phone numbers and addresses of friends/family
Local Maps
Postcards, pre-addressed and stamped to friends and family
3 Signal Flares
Signal Mirror
Signal Whistle

Latrine And General Hygiene

Liquid Bleach and Eyedropper
Surgical Gloves, three pairs (these are inexpensive and can be obtained in discount stores)
Toilet Paper, two rolls flattened
Towelettes, pre-moistened
3 Trash Bags (for human waste and trash)

Personal Hygiene

Comb and Brush
Dental Floss
Liquid Soap for personal washing
Pre-moistened Towelettes
Tampons/Sanitary napkins
Tweezers, pointed
Wash Cloth and Towel


Ammunition, if a firearm is selected
Book for pleasure reading
Deck of Playing Cards
Firearm for Protection
Magnifying Glass
Paper Clips
Rubber Bands
Safety Pins
Survival Manual

Waterproof container with Certified copies of:
Births, deaths, marriage certificates and divorce decrees
House and life insurance policies
Inventory of valuable household items
Deeds and contracts
Stocks and bonds
Charge card account numbers and their “lost or stolen” notification numbers
Bank account numbers
Medical records including immunizations
Social Security numbers

Infant Supplies (if applicable)

*-Baby Powder
*-Blanket, spare
*-Bottles, spare
*-Diapers, disposable
*-Pre-Moistened Towelettes
*-Teething Ring

Senior Care (if applicable)
*-Denture Care Items
*-Batteries, extra (for hearing aids)
*-Eye Glasses
*-Heart and/or Blood Pressure Medications and necessary Prescriptions
*-Oxygen, Portable (extra tanks and hoses if this is required)
*-Special Dietary Items
*-Warmer Clothing (generally the elderly have trouble with poor circulation and get cold easier.)

Pet Care (if applicable)

*-Food Bowl
*-Toys or Chew Bone
*-Water Bowl
*-Water (1 gallon per dog per day. 1 pint per cat)
Leash and Collar

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