Anaconda Survival Guide

Anaconda Survival Guide Survive an Anaconda bite The worlds most largest snake and one of the most dangerous. The anaconda is among the most deadly. It could swallow a meal as big as the average sized dog. What would you do if an anaconda bit you?  This is a guide to surviving the anaconda bite.

Stocking Survival Supplies

Stocking Survival Supplies In times of emergency or disaster, it’s important to stock emergency supplies. Have a dry waterproof container for your emergency supplies. You will need food, warmth and shelter in a disaster like a hurricane. You will need a way to purify water, food, and a tarp for shelter from the rain.

Earthquake Emergency Kits, Earthquake preparedness Kits, 72 Hour Kit

Buy 72 Hour Kits

Buy 72 Hour Kits 72 hour kits for emergency preparation and disaster preparedness planning Product Description This kit includes the following: 1 Organizational Backpack, 1 Large backpack, 1 Dynamo AM/FM radio and flashlight with lithium ion battery-rechargeable with a hand crank, 4 eight hour light sticks, Magnesium Firestarter, 4 emergency reflective sleeping bags, 4 emergency …

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Making A Disaster Plan

Coming up with a disaster plan with your family might seem overwhelming at first but if you break it up into steps, it will become a realistic goal. The first thing you need to determine is what kind of disasters you are susceptible to in the area where you live.

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